Private Practice Committee

The chapter’s private practice committee meets once a month for a (brown bag) lunch at the offices of Klimaski & Associates.   Attending are Guild members in private practice – and also those who are thinking about going into private practice. All Guild members are welcome.   Because of the time demands on private practitioners we are relaxed about attendance.

At our meetings we engage in informal discussion of questions members have and topics of interest that arise.  We try and help young attorneys and attorneys just starting a solo or small firm practice.   We share experience and knowledge with each other.   We create an informal support network for both young and older attorneys.     On occasion we will have a more formal presentation by a member on a topic of general interest followed by a discussion.   Over the past four years some of these topics have included: building a client base, F.O.I.A. practice, information needed for drafting a will, cases with legal fees paid by third parties, representing political clients, how I began my practice, and many others.

Where and when we meet goes out monthly on the chapter list serve. For more information contact Jim Drew at (202) 331-1639 or