Protest Laws: District of Columbia

*Please note that the MPD General Orders, Special Orders, Circulars, and Standard Operating Procedures are directives that only apply to DC Metropolitan Police Department officers. The federal law enforcement agencies do not publish their regulations to the public.


Metropolitan Police Department

National Park Service

U.S. Capitol Police

Regulation of First Amendment Activities

DCMR § 24-700 et seq. (Parades and Public Events)

DCMR § 24-2700 et seq. (Police Investigation of First Amendment Demonstrations)

DC Code §§ 5-331.01 – 5-337.01 (First Amendment Rights and Police Standards)

MPD Standard Operating Procedure (Handling First Amendment Assemblies and Mass Demonstrations)

Interacting with the Police

MPD General Order 302.13 (Body Worn Camera Program)

MPD General Order 304.10 (Police Contacts, Stops, and Frisks)

MPD General Order 304.13 (Police Use of Investagatory Photographs)

MPD General Order 304.15 (Unbiased Policing)

MPD General Order 304.19 (Photographing and Recording the Police)

MPD General Order 308.04 (Interacting with Persons with Mental Illness)

MPD General Order 501.02 (Interacting with Transgender Individuals)

MPD General Order 701.03 (Handling Assaults on a Police Officer)

MPD Special Order 01-26 (Illegal Posters on Public Space)

MPD Circular 16-04 (Barring Notices)

Arrests, Warrants, Searches

DC Code §§ 23-521 – 23-525 (Search Warrants)

DC Code §§ 23-561 – 23-563 (Arrest Warrants and Summons)

DC Code §§ 23-581 – 23-585 (Arrest Without Warrant)

MPD General Order 305.01 (Juvenile Arrests)

MPD General Order 304.16 (Recording of Custodial Interrogations)

MPD General Order 503.03 (Post and Forfeit Amount by Offense)

MPD General Order 702.03 (Search Warrants)

MPD Special Order 10-10 (Processing Citation Arrests and Post & Forfeit Release)

MPD Circular 01-26 (Arrest for Failure to Identify Yourself)

MPD Standard Operating Procedure (Holding Facilities)

Use of Force

MPD General Order 901.04 (Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray Dispensers)

MPD General Order 901.07 (Use of Force)

MPD General Order 901.12 (Extended Impact Weapons)

MPD General Order 901.13 (Electronic Control Devices)

Court Procedures

DC Code § 16-705 (Trial by Jury or Judge)

DC Code §§ 16-801 – 16-807 (Criminal Record Sealing)

DC Code §§ 23-1321 – 23-1333 (Pretrial Release and Detention)

Criminal Offenses

DCMR § 18-2000 et seq. (Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Order)

DC Code §§ 10-503.01 – 10-503.26 (Capitol Grounds Regulatory Provisions)

DC Code § 22-303 (Destruction of Property)

DC Code § 22-405 (Assault on a Police Officer)

DC Code § 22-405.01 (Resisting Arrest)

DC Code § 22-861 (Interfering with a Police Animal)

DC Code § 22-1307 (Blocking Passage / Incommoding)

DC Code § 22-1309 (Throwing Stones or Other Missiles)

DC Code § 22-1321 (Disorderly Conduct)

DC Code § 22-1322 (Rioting and Inciting to Riot)

DC Code § 22-1323 (Obstructing Bridges Connecting DC and Virginia)

DC Code § 22-1805a (Conspiracy to Commit a Crime)

DC Code §§ 22-2751 – 22-2752 (Protest Targeting a Residence)

DC Code § 22-3302 (Unlawful Entry / Trespassing)

DC Code § 22-3312.01 (Defacing Public or Private Property)

DC Code § 22-3312.03 (Wearing Hoods or Masks)